- Opdræt med omsorg og nærvær

Welcome to the Bernerlunden kennel

We are a small kennel with two female dogs, Enya 7 years old and Liva, 4 year old and we live in a townhouse in a quiet neighborhood.

Elsa is 49 years old, Preben is 53 years old and our children are 22 and 19 years old. Elsa has a part time job and works 2-3 hours a day. The rest of the time I spend with the dogs. Our prime breeding pricipal is to breed good family dogs with special focus on physical and mental health. Should the markings turn out to be perfect then it is just an extra bonus in our breed.

When we have a litter then our daily life changes. Our kids are not allowed to bring any friends home for the initial 4 weeks and they are partially responsible for taking care of the puppies.

In the first three weeks after the puppies are born they are next to my bed in a birth / puppy box where there it is quiet and they can feel safe.

After the first three weeks we move them into our living room / kitchen. They are among us in our daily chores and they thereby get used to all kinds of noises and activities.

When the puppies turn four weeks old we open our doors for visitors, but still on the puppies terms. In the whole growing period they are a big part of the Family and they are among us all the time.

If a puppy needs to stay here till it is alloved to travell to another Country, usually 15 weeks old, it stays with us in that time. In this period I will take the dog to dogtraining and I will daily visit all kinds of places, such as harbours, trainstations, hospitals, schools and preschooles and shopping centers. If there is any dogexhibition close by where we live I will also participate in that. It will also be getting used to a travling box which the buyer provides.

The above is a huge job and responsibility and therefore i Charge in total for the puppy 23.000 DKK.

This include:

all paperwork



paying for dog training


expenses for exhibitions

gas Money.